Review: Kick-Ass 2

Originally written for The National Student here: Pre-edit version: Does this film live up to its predecessor? Yes, yes it does. Kick-Ass 2 is just as exciting and entertaining as the first with some… Continue reading

5 things to know about university if you’re working class

Posted here for Opinion Panel: I’m pretty working class but was never really aware of this until I went to university. I’ve never been skiing and I’ve only been on holiday three… Continue reading

Planet Ivy: A short guide to zombie types

Check out one of my favourite things I’ve ever written:

Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Originally posted here for The University of Sheffield (ForgePress) on 09/08/2013 Pre-edit version: Partridge fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa lives up to its hype and is… Continue reading

Review: uwantme2killhim?

      Originally written for The National Student: uwantme2killhim? is a film that explores the online relationships of a teenage boy and shows just how easy it is to get obsessed with… Continue reading

My entry to The Times’ writing competition I probably won’t win but it was cathartic to write about my degree. Thus I shall share it with the world: I took philosophy because it is the weirdest subject I’ve ever… Continue reading

Planet Ivy: Dubai offers gold for weight loss

Article: Tips for the socially awkward & shy at university

Originally written for The National Student here: University is a very different place for those of us who are shy or suffer from social anxiety. The idea of entering a new world where… Continue reading

Article: Top 5 Zombies of all time

#5 Fido Billy Connolly plays loveable zombie Fido in the eponymously titled film. Fido shows signs of intelligence, good judgement of character and loyalty even when the collar that keeps him under control… Continue reading

Review: World War Zzzzzzzzzzz

Brad Pitt describes World War Z as “genre bending”. He is certainly right to do so, but this is not necessarily a positive attribute of the film. The zombie genre is bent out of shape… Continue reading