CELLULOID SCREAMS – Review: The Battery

A personal favourite, The Battery is a buddy comedy wrapped up in a zombie setting. We follow the journey of two guys who were only acquaintances prior to the apocalypse but get on… Continue reading

CELLULOID SCREAMS – Review: Painless

Spanish horror is renowned for its brilliance and Painless is no exception. Although not scary in a jumpy way, the film is dark and disturbing enough to chill you to the bone. We… Continue reading

CELLULOID SCREAMS – Review: Basket Case I & II

The Basket Case films are outrageous cult classics that deserved the opportunity they got to be replayed in their natural cinematic environment. Basket Case introduces us to protagonist Duane and his deformed Siamese… Continue reading

CELLULOID SCREAMS – Review: Motivational Growth

The Celluloid Screams festival opened with Motivational Growth, a film that explores the classic relationship between man and talking mould.  Ian, a depressed agoraphobic, slips and knocks himself out after trying to commit… Continue reading

A guide to gory films this Halloween

Halloween is a great time for film and television as we are showered with horror films left, right and centre. No Halloween is complete without a movie marathon and you might want to… Continue reading

Why banning Blurred Lines is not the answer

The universities of Kingston, Derby, Leeds, Edinburgh and West Scotland have all banned the playing of a particular song by Robin Thicke on campus. But is this really the right way to address… Continue reading

Interview: The negative effects of too much alcohol

Drinking and university go together hand in hand like Homer and Marge. Yet hardly anybody talks about the issues surrounding excessive drinking at university. So, what are we actually doing besides setting ourselves… Continue reading

Top tips for Sheffield freshers

Originally posted here for Forge Press on 21/09/13 1. Comfy shoes One thing to know about Sheffield is that it is synonymous with hilly. Want to walk home? No problem, just climb up this mini mountain. Walking… Continue reading

Planet Ivy: The Way, Way Back is the antidote to an explodey summer of films

An opinion piece on this summer’s abundance of over the top films and its redemption http://planetivy.com/filmandtv/74659/the-way-way-back-is-the-antidote-to-summer-overload/

Planet Ivy: 5 documentary films that made a reel change

I love puns, obviously. In fact, I’m docuMENTAL about them. http://planetivy.com/filmandtv/71956/five-life-changing-documentaries/