How to manage revision stress

1) Carrot and stick method

Reward yourself for every hundred words written with one hundred minstrels. Pros: you’ll work harder for the sweet, sweet minstrel relief.

Cons: you may gain 900 pounds. You could lower the reward to fit within normal human dietary needs, but we all know exam stress can do strange things to human appetite – I’m just being realistic.

2) Cry it out

If you’re stuck in the library and you think you’re never going to finish your assignment (or worse, that what you’ve actually written is the linguistic equivalent of a turd) run to the toilet and fulfill your destiny as a blubbering mess. It will make you feel better and the pity of others when they see your red eyes may result in a free minstrel.

3) Hydrate

Have a productive day and reward yourself with a giant glass of your favourite tipple. A strawberry and lime Rekorderlig never tastes as sweet as it does after a full day at the library. Don’t go too mental though ‘cause you’ve got to get up in the morning and do it all again. And definitely wait until you leave the library before you crack out your favourite can.

4) Make a pick-me-up playlist

Make the ultimate motivational playlist. For me this involves Slipknot’s back catalogue with a hint of S-Club 7. Listen to it in the library at full blast so that everyone else can hear it too. They will thank you endlessly, and stare longingly at you as if to say “louder please!”

5) And finally….

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend free? Do you have tinder? Do you have a hand? I think you know where I’m going with this one.