Top tips for Sheffield freshers

Originally posted here for Forge Press on 21/09/13

1. Comfy shoes

One thing to know about Sheffield is that it is synonymous with hilly. Want to walk home? No problem, just climb up this mini mountain. Walking home with heavy bags of shopping? I’ll pray for you.

2. Cut back on the cutlery

Everyone thinks they need a whole kitchen set, so everyone brings one. This means everyone will use clean utensils instead of washing up dirty ones, causing endless arguments about washing up. Therefore you should take a leaf out of Noah’s book and take two of everything.

3. Corp shoes and shirt

There is a club in Sheffield that you are bound to end up in and to get in free on a Wednesday you have to wear school uniform, a.k.a. a white school shirt. It’s also the filthiest place on earth so any shoes you wear will get irreversibly ruined. It is therefore a good idea to invest in some crappy shoes and a white shirt or two before you come to save you a trip to Primark.

4. Bring all of the medicine 

Ah, the inevitable fresher’s flu. Stock up on Lemsip and just hope you don’t get it for long. I had it so bad that I nearly passed out on a bus before auditioning for the pantomime. I received one line: “oranges, get your oranges!” I never went back.

5. Don’t drink the night before registration 

You have to register in a big hall somewhere and it takes bloody ages. I went hungover and nearly cried because it took so long and I felt so ill. Make sure you check when yours is and leave yourself a poster-sized reminder saying DO NOT DRINK ON THIS NIGHT. Of course it is inevitable that you will go on to ignore said poster. Still, nice to feel that you tried.