Article: Top 5 Zombies of all time

Fido (2)


#5 Fido

Billy Connolly plays loveable zombie Fido in the eponymously titled film. Fido shows signs of intelligence, good judgement of character and loyalty even when the collar that keeps him under control malfunctions. His actions speak louder than words (they have to) and you can’t help but warm to this flesh eating creature even when he’s chowing down on his next door neighbour.

Flyboy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        #4 Stephen, a.k.a. Fly boy

Stephen (David Emge) surprises us all when he turns in Dawn of the Dead. The change from slightly pompous man to legitimate member of the undead is remarkable and he makes one of the most convincing Romero zombies of all time. His movements are spot on with his hunched back, bent neck and broken ankle. He is unrecognisable from pre-zombie Stephen and is able to play a convincing zombie without the use of extensive makeup or special effects.


#3 Tristana Medeiros


Medeiros: too scary to draw

By far the most terrifying zombie ever created, Medeiros (male actor Javier Botet) is only seen through the night 
vision of a video camera in Spanish horror flick REC. Her skeletal figure, drooped jaw and jittery movements are so unsettling that her screen presence must be recognised as a prime example of when tension in a horror reaches tipping point and becomes truly terrifying to watch.


#2 Hyperactive baby

The zombie baby from Dead Alive is bulbous, crude and hilarious all at the same time. Channelling the spirit of Chucky this ludicrous zombie bounces off walls and at one point rips his way through a dead woman’s face, giggling all the way. The low-budget puppet that is used for the baby makes it comical rather than distressing and a gleeful zombie is so rare that it makes for unforgettable and entertaining viewing.

#1 Bub


Bub with his earphones

The best zombie of all time has to be Day of the Dead’s Bub. His crooked jaw, hollow cheeks and heavy brow present us with the most sympathetic zombie face of all time. His face depicts vulnerability so well you end up empathising with him an abnormally large amount. His child-like naivety is juxtaposed with his ex-military identity that sometimes rises to the surface, leaving us with a character we find loveable yet one we are still wary of due to the hostile actions he is able to recall. It is rare to root for a character so strongly let alone root for a zombie but we do so for Bub. This is down to the perfect casting of Sherman Howard and the flawless character execution he delivers.