Why I stopped saying sorry

Written for feminist blog Zusterschap, which I co-run and edit with my good friend Catstello. Elton John was wrong; sorry seems to be the easiest word. I’ve been apologising for my existence since… Continue reading

Review: Lucy

Lucy is Luc Besson’s latest project and one suffering from a severe case of failure to launch. Our protagonist Lucy is tricked into delivering a suitcase to shady businessman Mr Jang but gets… Continue reading

Screen Robot: Philosophy & Film – The Matrix

The Matrix series are probably the most famous philosophical films, exploring questions regarding identity, reality and free will. http://screenrobot.com/philosophy-film-reality-free-will-matrix/  

The 10 lamest excuses for cancelling a gig

Originally posted for MusicVita here. Have you ever been subjected to a gig cancellation? It sucks. Ooo I’ve got a sore throat, ooo my mum’s died. Pish posh I paid £2.50 for these tickets… Continue reading

News articles from Wednesday 25th June – Friday 4th July [39 articles]

The 50:50 Parliament Campaign

Politics is dominated by men. This is not a controversial statement, it is a fact. However, women make up half the population in the UK, so why isn’t this reflected in our government?… Continue reading

Screen Robot: Sexism in Gaming [fully referenced]

This article was first published on Screen Robot on 13/05/14 There are three main ways in which sexism is ingrained in gaming. The first is at industry level, the second within games themselves and… Continue reading

Review: Transcendence

May 5, 2014 by Katherine Hockley It’s a trap! The all-star cast of Transcendence lures you in, only to leave you in a dark room for two hours wondering why you’re being bored to death. Johnny… Continue reading

How to manage revision stress

1) Carrot and stick method Reward yourself for every hundred words written with one hundred minstrels. Pros: you’ll work harder for the sweet, sweet minstrel relief. Cons: you may gain 900 pounds. You could lower the… Continue reading

Inspiring Women

A contribution I made to a list of inspirational women last month: http://forgetoday.com/lifestyle/international-womens-day-2014/